“Culture Naadam” festival at Hui Doloon Hudag

For its 11th year, The Culture Naadam will bring new festive spirit to the sweeping Hui Doloon Hudag Valley on July 11 and 12.

“Culture Naadam” is a multi-stakeholder project involving heritage practitioners, artisans, artists, state parties, educational institutes, civil society organizations, community-based organizations, and private businesses, initiated by METAA Planning and Consulting Company (Korea), with a goal to promote Mongolia’s nomadic culture, custom traditions to local and international audiences and to support commu­nity involvement in cultural and creative activities.

Since 2008, “Culture Naadam” has been organized by Arts Council of Mongolia (ACM) and the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture (MSUAC) and funded not only by state organizations, including the Committee of State Naadam Festival but also has been sponsored by private companies. Culture naadam 2018 is funded by Rio Tinto and supported by Khan Bank.

As a part of the “Mongolian Naadam” festival, centuries old tradition of Mongolia inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, “Culture naadam” enhances the visibility and aware­ness about intangible cultural heritage, heritage bearers and encourages a public dialogue that advocates cultural diversity.

Since its beginning, Culture Naadam has presented the true essence of Mongolian cultural identity and the highlights of its intangible cultural heritage. Among them are traditional crafts, cuisines, folk art performances, demonstrations of the daily household activities of nomads along with related rituals, customs, and oral traditions. It takes place in the Hui Doloon Hudag valley, where more than 20000 festival goers gather from every corner of Mongolia to watch the horseraces.

Through program of arts and crafts village called “One Day in Mongolia” Culture Naadam showcases several Mongol gers and pop-up tents where ICH bearers and artists display ethnic costumes, calligraphy, paintings, felt art and felt stitching, rituals and customs, oral traditions, traditional games, archery, household activities and horse-riding shows.

Guided by heritage bearer artisans, Culture Naadam visitors can learn and experience intangible cultural heritage by involving in hands on training activities in traditional handcrafts, costume making, calligraphy, felt art, archery & traditional games such as ankle bone shooting & Dembee. Culture Naadam provides audience to experience various traditional knowledge, rituals and customs, oral traditions dedicated to various events of nomadic life and the daily household works of a nomadic people such as wool & leather processing dairy food technology. Culture Naadam also presents “One day of Mongolia” traditional performing arts concert that incorporates folk dance, song, music, and traditional dress into the festival.

Culture Naadam promotes intangible cultural heritage as a tool for strengthening national cultural identity that leads to social cohesion, improved self–esteem, and pride among communities. It nurtures community involvement and togetherness because everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. Furthermore, nationwide awareness of traditional cultural values is raised by building a sustainable environment for intangible cultural heritage.


Where: Khui Doloon Khudag horse racing site

July 11, Wednesday

  • 08:00-11:40 Stallion horse race
  • 14:00-17:00 Ih nas horse racing (horses aged above 5 years old)


  • 10:30 Traditional performing arts concert
  • 14:00  CULTURE NAADAM opening & Traditional performing arts concert
  • 15:00 “Wonders of horsemen” circus show
  • 17:00 “Wonders of horsemen” circus show
  • 17:30 Traditional performing arts concert
  • 20:00 Traditional performing arts concert
  • 21:00-22:00 Epic telling & narrative music concert


  • 10:00 -17:00 Calligraphy, Felt art, Mongolian costume demonstration, Archery, Ankle bone shooting, Dembee finger game, face painting, portrait painting, Visual arts exhibition, Folklore & folk arts, nomadic daily household activities demonstration, arts & crafts shop, traditional dairy, children’s art & playground

July 12, Thursday

  • 07:00-09:20 Horse racing (5 years old horse-Soyolon)
  • 10:30-12:30 Horse racing (Colt)


  • 10:00 “Wonders of horsemen” circus show
  • 10:30 Traditional performing arts concert
  • 13:00 “Wonders of horsemen” circus show
  • 13:30 Traditional performing arts concert


  • 09:00 -17:00 Calligraphy, Felt art, Mongolian costume demonstration, Archery, Ankle bone shooting, Dembee finger game Folklore & folk arts, nomadic daily household activities demonstration, Visual arts exhibition, face painting, portrait painting, arts & crafts shop, traditional dairy products display.

source: gogo.mn