About us

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Mandal Tours Mongolia is a family-owned professional team in Mongolia who has full 13 years of traveling experience at tourism industry and has traveled all corners of country since 2005. We all grew up in the countryside as simple nomads and then we have graduated the tourism universities in Ulaanbaatar. We have decided to discover and share our best nomadic experience with our clients who are traveling to Mongolia.

We arrange well-organized tours such as horseback riding, trekking, hiking, camel trekking, customized jeep tours, home stay with nomads, discover tours and many adventurous trips in Mongolia.

Also we make your trip itinerary and give you your own private prices based on your wishes and budgets. Our professional team will give you our best advice about all your travel needs to Mongolia. We are welcoming you to our journeys into the beautiful natural scenery, unique nomadic culture and explore a “lost” country of “blue sky” with nomads.