Adventure trekking in Altai Mountains trip gives you to admire the high snow-capped mountains, glaciers, ancient archeological sites and unique nomadic customs of locals, as Kazakh and Tuvan people. Also this adventure takes you to the combination of climbing, trekking and learn from Eagle Hunters nomad’s cultural lifestyle. In full 12 days trip, you will see most famous destination of western Mongolia, including Altai Tavan Bogd national park, Snow – capped Altai mountain ranges, Hoton, Hurgan lakes, Bear valley, Tsagaan gol, Shiveet Khairkhan sacred mountain, Dayan Lake, Tsengel Khairkhan mountain and ancient archeological sites. Trekking in the nature and sleep in the tents under starry nights will be unforgettable experience in your life time.


Bayan – Ulgii, Western Mongolia, Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Five Holy Peaks, Snow – capped Mountains, Glaciers, Hoton, Hurgan lakes, Sacred Mountains, Rivers, Petroglyphs, Tuvan ethnic group families, Kazakh eagle hunter families, Climb to Summit, Horse riding, trekking and camping.


Day 1. Arrival day in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Meet us at airport, transfer to your hotel. Trip preparation day. Free afternoon.

Day 2. Take a flight to Bayan – Ulgii, Western Mongolia. Trip head up to Tsagaan Gol Valley in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.

Transfer to airport, we will take a flight to Ulgii, most remote capital town of Bayan – Ulgii, western Mongolia.  Meet at our local team driver, cook and at airport, visit around Ulgii town, the we will drive about 5 hours to the Altai Tavan Bogd national park. This evening, we will reach at our first camp and meet with local family who prepare horses for our trek.  Overnight in tents near nomadic family.

Day 3. Trekking to base Camp of Tavan Bogd massif.

In the morning, we start our journey, we ride up towards to the base camp of the snow-capped Tavan Bogd massif. We will reach at base campsite next to the biggest Potanina glacier in Mongolian Altai mountains. Tavan Bogd means “the Holy Five” referring to the five highest peaks in Altai mountain ranges, 4374 meters above sea level.  This holy peaks are stunning beautiful to see sunset and sunrise. Stay overnight at tents.

Day 4. Trekking to Malchin Mountain Summit.

In the morning, we trek to the Malchin Mountain. It is a smallest peak of the five highest peaks in Altai Tavan Bogd massif, which is 4050 meters above sea level (non-technical climb). You will admire the wonderful views of all the peaks and Potanina glacier as well as Russian and Kazakhstan territory. This peak divides Mongolian and Russian Border but you will see Kazakhstan side too. In the afternoon, we will return back to base camp. Stay overnight at tents.

Day 5. Horse Trekking to Back to Tsagaan Gol, White River Valley.

Ride  back to down to Tsagaan Gol valley, where Tuvan ethnic groups live to spend their summer time. Visit at Tuvan family and experience from their lifestyle. Camp nearby the family.

Day 6 -7- 8. Horse Trekking in the Altai Mountains.

Those full 3 days, we will trek into Altai mountain ranges, View the dramatic beauty of Altai mountains, Green lakes, rivers, Bear valleys, petroglyphs and may encounter with some wild animals. Stay overnights at tents.

Day 9. Horse Trekking to Hoton and Hurgan Lakes.

Full day, we ride  through the dramatic Altai mountain valley, reach at Hoton and Hurgan lakes, one of the beautiful lakes of Altai Tavan Bogd national park, are is much closer to Mongolia and Chines border. Riding in Lake shore is stunning beautiful. Stay overnight at tents.

Day 10. Trip to Visit at Kazakh Eagle trainer family.

In the morning, we will visit at Kazakh eagle hunter family, who adorns the western Mongolia by their eagles. They train eagle for hunting and use them their daily life. Kazakh families live around lakes during summer time. Stay overnight at Kazakh family.

Day 11. Drive to Ulgii, Capital city of Bayan – Ulgii province.

Drive to Ulgii through Khovd river valley, visit at Turkic man stone left by Turkic migration between 7-9th century, and deer stones, they come from bronze age which is about 2000-4000 years ago in this region. Visit at Eagle hunter’s family, talk about eagle hunting practices and see the magnificent Altai Golden Eagle. Stay at hotel in Ulgii and will have traditional Kazakh meal.

Day 12. Flight back to Ulaanbaatar.

Transfer to hotel and relaxing day in Ulaanbaatar.


2 person: US$ 4800 per person.

3 -5 person: US$ 4200 per person.


  • Local flights
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Local guides
  • Accommodations / tents, yurts, hotels/
  • Meals during trip /snacks and drinks/
  • Transportations
  • Horse riding fees / horse riding guides/
  • Tents / camping equipment/
  • National parks fees

Not included:

  • Travel insurance.
  • Accommodation /in Ulaanbaatar/
  • Personal items.