Gobi Desert Tour.

Travel to mysterious Gobi Desert, you will visit at most beautiful and renowned places of the Gobi Desert on this trip. This tour brings you to famous Bayanzag, land of discovered dinosaurs fossils, massive sand dunes with bactrain camel herders and Vulture gorge with wild animals. Travel through vast desert, you may see wild gazelles and wild ass. After enjoy from Gobi part, trip takes you to central part of the country, including Karakorum ancient capital of Genghis Khan, First Buddhist monastery and lastly show you the Takhi wild horses in the wild nature.


South Gobi Desert, Baga Gazar Mountain, hiking in Vulture valley, Gurvan Saikhan National park, Camel riding and climbing on Sand dunes, Flaming cliffs – Land of dinosaur, Buddhist monasteries, Ancient capital of Mongolia Empire, Orkhon Valley national park, Wild horses in Hustai Park. Learning and experience from nomadic culture.


Day 1. Arrival day in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Meet us at airport, transfer to your accommodation in Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia. This day is on your own. Hotel stay.

Day 2. Travel out to Baga Gazar Mountain Natural Reserve.

In the morning, we will head up to Mongolian Gobi desert, on the way we visit at Baga Gazar mountain natural reserve, it is picturesque mountain formations in the Gobi desert. We arrive at natural reserve and visit at some sites including ruined temple, caves etc. Try to see some wild animals and do some hiking around. Transfer to your accommodation and stay overnight at tourist camp.

Day 3. Yolyn Am /Vulture valley/

Early in the morning, we travel through mysterious Gobi desert. We reach to Vulture Valley where locates in the Gurvan Saikhan Mountain national park, also renowned as Three Beauty of Gobi. This place is rocky gorge and it is best for hiking. We visit at gorge and try to see the wild animals. We also visit at local natural museum and transfer to tourist camp.

Day 4. Khongoryn Els /Sand Dunes/

In the morning, we travel to famous Khongoryn Els sand dune which lies 125km long and 200m high. It is also best highlights of the Gobi desert. When we arrive at sand dunes, we visit at camel herder family and start camel riding to sand dunes and late evening, we climb to summit of sands. It is best place to see the sunset. Transfer to tourist camp.

Day 5. Bayanzag /Flaming Cliffs/

We today travel to Bayanzag, renowned flaming cliffs. It is discovered by Roy Chapman Andrews in 1923. Visit at Flaming cliffs where first nest of dinosaur eggs in the world had been found here. Best place to see the sunset in the desert. Stay overnight at tourist camp.

Day 6. Ongi Steppe.

In the morning, we will travel to central part of the country, on the way, we will travel through Ongi vast steppe and reach at Ongi ruined temple, where locates on bank of Ongi river. We will stay still in Gobi desert area. Visit at ruined temple, which makes 17th century history of Buddhism in Gobi area. Stay overnight at tourist camp.

Day 7. Karakorum /Ancient Capital of Mongolia/

We today travel to Karakorum, trip goes through open steppes and grassland. On the way, we will visit at nomadic family, get experience from their unique lifestyle. We arrive at Karakorum, which was a capital city of Mongolian Empire in 13th century. We also will visit at Erdene Zuu Buddhist monastery which is the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia and visit at local museum. Transfer to tourist camp.

Day 8. Hustai National Park.

Today we travel to Hustai national park. When we arrive at national park, we will watch documents about horses. In the afternoon, we will go to see the Mongolian Takhi wild horses in the national park. Takhi is only one true wild horse left in the World now. Stay overnight at Ger camp.

Day 9. Ulaanbaatar & Folklore Show.

After breakfast, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar. You have free time for shopping or relaxing. Afternoon, we will go to watch folklore Performance. Farewell dinner.

Day 10. Departure Day.

You are transferred to airport and farewell.


2 person US$ 1380 per person.

3 -5 person US$ 1100 per person.


  • English speaking tour guide
  • Accommodations /tourist camp, hotels/
  • Meals during trip /snacks and drinks/
  • Transportations
  • National parks fees / entrance fees at site seeing/

Not included:

  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal items.