This trip gives you chance to meet with locals and stay overnight at their traditional accommodation and learn, experience from their unique lifestyle. You will enjoy from landscape and animals. Trip is giving not only nomadic culture but also brings you to Hustai national park to see the Takhi Mongolian wild horses and wild life. Hustai is home to flora and fauna and you will enjoy from pristine nature.


Nomadic culture, tradition, family, livestock, Hustai national park, Wild horses, Wildlife, Wild animals.


Day 1. Visit at Nomadic family, Evening visit at Hustai National Park.

In the morning, we will travel to nomadic family where lives near the national park. We arrive at place and visit at family. We will get experience from their lifestyle. Afternoon, we travel to Hustai national park to see the Takhi wild horses. Hustai national park is home to reintroduction of Wild horses to Mongolia. Try to see more wild animals and walk in the wilderness. Then we will return to our family and can learn from their traditional life and help them for milking cows and herding sheep and goats. Stay overnight at your own Ger accommodation next to nomads.

Day 2. Morning Stay with Nomadic Family & Return to Ulaanbaatar City.

This morning, we will stay with nomads, watch them how they arrange their daily life. We will see the animals go for grazing and participant for milking cattle and progressing dairy products.  Have lunch with family and then we travel back to Ulaanbaatar city and end of services.


2 person US$ 150 per person.

3 -5 person US$ 115 per person.


  • English speaking tour guide.
  • Lunch
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • National parks fees / site seeing/

Not included:

  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal items.