Booking and Tour payment

Your tour payment will be made using by Visa and Master cards and international bank transfer. If you prefer to pay your final amount by online and international bank transfer, you pay it least 2 week ago before you start your trip. We will send you an invoice. After you transferred your trip payment, you should send your transfer receipt to our e-mail:

Deposit of your trip.

In all cases, the tour payer is responsible for bank transfer and credit card charges. When you book a tour we require a 20% nonrefundable deposit payable with any major credit cards. Lastly, when we receive your reservations, we will send you an invoice for your trip deposit. If you have any question please freely contact with us at:

Tour cancellation policy:

Tour deposit is refundable if the client cancels the trip because of any personal matters. A trip must be cancelled in writing by email and phone call. We will refund your final amount but we are not responsible for your bank transfer charges. Tour cancellation fee is $300 that will apply to reservations cancelled less than 30 days before the trip starts. If you have any question please freely contact with us at:

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